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EVE Portal - 2019 Edition Now Live

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Announced last weekend at Fanfest Home, EVE Online has relaunched a revamped version of their EVE Portal companion app.

In a blog post today, Paul "CCP Falcon" Elsy announced the official timing of the launch, as well as where capsuleers might be able to grab the new Portal. The development team has brought the app in house, and according to Elsy, revamped the app with a totally new engine. 

Since taking development of the app in house, we’ve been considering player feedback on the original app, looking at what the community has been asking for the most in terms of features, and working toward an initial feature set for the launch of a new version of the app.

This new version of the app is rebuilt from the ground up using an entirely new framework, which is going to allow us to open the window into EVE wider than ever before and allow more access to Tranquility from your mobile device.

Within the app itself players can swap characters easily, view PLEX and Skill point counts, security status, as well as your home station and currently active ship. EVEMail and EVE Calenedar are also in the app, as well as a new version of the New Eden store.

However, the most exciting bit is the addition of a skill trainer. While the current iteration doesn't cover the full breadth of features, currently capsuleers can:

  • Add new skills to your queue.
  • Remove skills from your queue.
  • Re-order your skill queue.
  • Buy and inject new skills from the market.
  • Apply unallocated skill points to injected skills.
  • Pause and start your skill queue.

You can read the full post on the EVE Online website. The EVE Portal app is available both on iOS and Android devices. 


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