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EVE Online's Wormholes and Stars Are About To Start Looking A Whole Lot Better

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is a pretty game, one that players have spent hours and hours documenting with screenshots and other tools. However, CCP Games intends to keep making it look prettier, thanks to a new update coming this month.

In a blog post, the team showcased some new updates to the Wormhole and Star textures, stemming from some improvements made to EVE's graphics engine over the summer. This new update allows the artists, according to the post, to "author visual effects for EVE based on shader quality specifically."

Before now, the functionality was such that certain effects would simply be removed from rendering based solely on which "Shader Quality" was selected in the options, and as such it was purely reductive.

As a result, capsuleers running on less than ideal hardware can start to see a significant boost in visual quality thanks to the new graphics capabilities. 

Additionally, the team is also updating the visuals on the stars in each system, giving more variety to the textures seen on the celestial bodies. You can check out the improvements and get more information on the upcoming changes on the EVE Online website.


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