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EVE Online's World War Bee 2 Combantants Agree To A Christmas Truce

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It seems the current ongoing war in EVE Online has had a truce - though not a long-standing, war ending one. Instead, the two sides of EVE's player war have agreed to a truce over the upcoming Christmas holiday. 

Per a report by Kotaku's Lee Yancy, the major players in the two sides of the conflict, the Goonswarm Federation and the TEST Alliance, have started to lay the groundwork for a truce, allowing their pilots to focus on friends and family over the holiday break.

The current war has raged for about six months now, and this truce could give weary combatants a chance to take a much needed break, recharge and come back to the next major battle rested and ready to go. The war, which has seen Goonswarm's allies The Imperium lose a lot of territory to the TEST Alliance in the struggle, has also set two Guinness world records for the largest PvP battles in video game history.

The Christmas Truce, which likely is meant to "reenact," as Yancy puts it, the famous Christmas Truce in 1914 during World War I, doesn't mean that fights won't happen either. The Truce simply dictates that offensive battles won't be waged by either side during the truce's term limit. That doesn't stop a side from fighting in a defensive battle, or, like all things EVE Online, allow for a side to protect themselves should the other decide to break the truce and attack en force. 

Here's to hoping that each side and their coalition partners get a break from the fighting and relax from the constant strain of EVE warfare..


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