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EVE Online's Viridian Expansion Launches June 13th

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EVE Online's next expansion, Viridian, is launching next week, bringing with it a host of new tools for corporations to use, new dungeons to play through, and more.

Coming June 13th, EVE Online Viridian aims to bring more control to corporations, especially with their customization and ability to engage their pilots. Coming with Viridian are new tools such as SKINR, which allows corporations to effectively dye their Upwell Structures a plethora of colors to personalize them and their own corporational flair in New Eden. Corporations are also getting tools to help tax for EverMarks to help fund the new heraldry system.

Also coming with Viridian are new Homefront Operations dungeons utilizing the new volumetric clouds in EVE Online's engine. Additionally, the new corporation tools allow for CEOs and leaders of the many corps give their members more direction by setting up Corporation Projects to work towards. These new dungeons are designed to help teach fleet tactics and learn how to fly in certain scenarios, all while set in the normal EVE setting where anything can happen. Lancer Tech II Dreadnoughts are coming as well, bringing a powerful new ship and playstyle to the battlefield. 

EVE Online's Viridian expansion is the first of two planned expansions this year as the MMO celebrates its 20th anniversary. While the 20th-anniversary celebrations themselves passed back in May, the year has a festive mood that is carrying on into the summer months, leading up to EVE Fanfest in September.


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