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EVE Online's Uprising Expansion Launches On November 8th, Fully Unveils New Navy Dreadnoughts

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is gearing up for its upcoming Uprising expansion, and to celebrate the announcement that it will launch next week on November 8th, CCP Games has fully unveiled the rest of the new ships coming to the MMO.

The Uprising expansion has been heralded as been set up since this year's Fanfest in Reykjavik, where the team at CCP Games first started to talk about some of the changes coming to the long-running MMO. Central to the expansion is the much-needed changes to Faction Warfare, with EVE Online seeing a revamp of how this entire system plays out. Additionally, Uprising brings the first wave of Heraldry updates to New Eden, letting players emblazon their Corporation or Alliance insignia across their ships.

Now when a swarm of Goonswarm Bees comes flying at you unawares, you'll at least get to admire their Bee logo on the side of their shiny new Navy Issue Coercer as you're podded.

During EVE Vegas 2022 last month, CCP unveiled new ships and teased four more. Today they were revealed in all their glory as Navy Issue Dreadnoughts from each Empire Navy: the Naglfar, Phoenix, Revalation and Moros hulls. This brings the total of new ships in EVE Online this year to 16, a marked increase considering the last time new ships were introduced was during the Triglavian Invasion.

EVE Online players are congregating as well around the system of Turnur I, as one of the absconded Stellar Transmuters have started to have some issues. The star in the system is starting to react much as it did during the Triglavian Invasion when systems began to fall to the Triglavian Collective, forming the region of what is now known as Pochven. You can check out the Scope video detailing the in-game lore below, as well as situate yourself in the system come tomorrow, November 2nd at 1700 New Eden Time, or 1pm ET/10am PT.


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