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EVE Online's Skilling Spree Is Back

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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EVE Online's popular event, the Skiling Spree, is back and capusleers can start earning skill points simply by doing what they do best: shooting down NPCs.

As of today's daily downtime, the Skilling Spree is now active, giving capsuleers the ability to earn up to 50K skill points by completing the daily challenge. Pilots will be given one of three randomly selected challenges to complete. If the challenge is completed without issue, the pilot who shot down the NPC vessel will be awarded their skill points and will receive a new daily challenge at the next downtime.

You can check out the Skilling Spree now in EVE Online, as well as head over to their dedicated forum to discuss the Skilling Spree with your fellow capsuleers. Good hunting, pilots.


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