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EVE Online's Senior Community Manager Paul "Falcon" Elsy Leaves CCP Games

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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It's been an interesting morning for EVE players as one of the stalwarts of the community, CCP Falcon, announced via Twitter that he has departed CCP Games. Less than a year since Community Lead Svienn "CCP Guard" Kjarval left the company, Paul is leaving CCP Games for new adventures.

CCP's community team is now in the hands of CCP Dopamine and the recently hired CCP Convict, both of whom were available at EVE Vegas last month running the keynote, opening and closing ceremonies.  A popular figure in the EVE Online community, Falcon is a success story of a player going to work for the company and, in a very real sense, helping to improve the experience from within. 

"For the last 17 years - 7 of those as a CCPer - EVE Online has defined my life, shaping me as a person and revealing strengths I didn't know I had.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone I've worked with, talked spaceships with, flown with and against."

Falcon was one of the few who survived the layoffs which rocked CCP Games in 2017, and his departure truly marks an end of an era at CCP Games. It looks like he's leaving CCP in good spirits too, mentioning he's going to "always be a capsuleer," so I wouldn't expect those Kill Mails from Falcon to vanish.


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