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EVE Online's Second Half Of Industry Overhaul Live Today, Brings Changes To Blueprints, Reactions And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The major industry shake-up EVE Online developer CCP Games has been implementing gets its second part today. The patch brings the second part of the Industry update, seeing changes to multiple facets of industry gameplay.

One major change is how Blueprints will work in some instances, with EDENCOM ships specifically retooled to more fall more in line with their Triglavian counterparts. This update will also make changes to some of the materials recovered from reprocessing T2 ships, meaning these ships no longer will give back basic materials used to make them. 

Mykocerosin boosters also saw some adjustments, with some pills getting increased effectiveness, while others have been decreased. Today's update also affected both Tech I and Tech II Standup Fighters, with T2 fighters requiring T1 versions in their build requirements.

If you recall last month when these changes were first announced, one of the major goals was to create more interesting industry gameplay while also impacting the economy of EVE Online. This update also aims to lay the groundwork for future resource redistribution in later updates. EVE Online has been in the process of shaking things up for the last few years, trying to reintroduce more risk and scarcity into New Eden, giving each venture into space more meaning, while also making it easier for new players to get their footing and get established in the universe.

EVE Online's first update to industry saw the blueprints, components and reactions distributed to ensure that by today's update the parts were in place to start using the new systems. Now that today's update is in place, it'll be interesting to see what effect this change has long term on industry, especially if it can be made more compelling for new players looking for new ways to interact with EVE Online.

EVE Online is in the midst of celebrating its 18th birthday, and are hosting a video creation contest. They are asking players to submit highlights throughout their piloting careers, such as first PVP kills or maybe launching that first Titan to create a community celebration video.


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