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EVE Online's Road To Fanfest Update Tweaks Upwell Structures, Adds Feature Preview

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's developer CCP Games announced a few changes currently being tested on the MMO's Singularity test server as its Fanfest convention inches ever closer. The Icelandic developer announced some changes coming to combat in and around the important Upwell Structures, as well as a few new features for EVE players to dive into.

In a blog post today, CCP Games laid out its next major update to the sci-fi MMO in its Road to Fanfest push, this time targeting some of the key infrastructure of EVE Online's playerbase. Notably, changes are coming to Upwell Structures, specifically how combat is handled both in and around the structures.

Currently, the changes right now are being focused on four main modules, such as a defense battery that now has a longer reloading time to allow for greater ability for attackers to counter-attack during reload windows. Damage is also being reduced to the anti-capital ship batteries on structures so battles will see more of the capital class hulls take part.

Another major change coming with this update is ship balancing, especially to the Proteus, which will see its fitting capabilities increased to put it more in line with other hulls of its class. Stealth bombers are also getting an update, specifically increasing their power if the capsuleer is fully trained in the class of vessel. Now if you have the Bomb Deployment skill trained to level 5, you'll see your bombing capability sped up, reducing cooldowns dramatically for when you want to make another bombing pass.

Arguably one of the biggest changes, though, is the new Feature Preview. This new feature on the Singularity test server will allow players to effectively opt into testing features and provide more feedback to CCP in the process. The goal here is to allow players access to features early, should they choose, and help shape the feature over time directly with CCP Games.

Feedback will be more fully incorporated into the prototypical process by allowing you access to these features early while they are being developed. Your invaluable feedback on past features has already improved and shaped them into better additions to EVE, and this new way of testing will allow for more exposed development, enabling earlier chances for players to express important feedback while also allowing development teams to gather information on how you play EVE and what will best aid you in that pursuit.

You can check out the full details on the EVE Online website.


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