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EVE Online's Project Discovery Wins Webby Award For Its Citizen Science Initiative

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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CCP Games has announced today that their Project Discovery initiative has won the Webby Award for People's Voice Winner In  The Games: Public Service, Activism and Social Impact. 

Project Discovery, EVE Online's Citizen Science mini-game within the MMO, has seen players over the years help discover Exoplanets and more, and this year's mini-game helped scientists with the ongoing research to combat COVID-19. In fact, Project Discovery participants helped save scientists over 330 years of research thanks to the efforts of capsuleers in New Eden.

"What a great testament to EVE players’ contribution to science. Through Project Discovery, Capsuleers have made a real dent in the scientific landscape, from the first ‘fictional’ cover on a major scientific journal to new discoveries to saving scientists precious years by training algorithms,” said Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director for EVE Online in the press release. “I truly hope this Webby will inspire others to find even more creative ways to help contribute to science.”

CCP Games isn't alone in this endeavor, as Massively Multiplayer Online Science (or MMOS for short) has helped with the collaboration since its inception six years ago. MMOS was showcased in an episode of the Off The Cuff docuseries, which you can check out in the embed below.

The Webby's are an award organization recognizing "excellence on the Internet." This year's 25th Annual Webby's saw awards given out not just in the games industry, but across the wide-range of information and initiatives across the Internet, from Podcasts to Video. You can check out all the winners on the official Webby's website.


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