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EVE Online's Photon UI Will Be Rolling Out In Full This Month

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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EVE Online's EVE Evolved initiative has been going on for quite some time, and one of the major areas players have seen an overhaul has to do with its UI. Now, it seems Photon UI is ready for its full rollout this month.

The new UI takes cues from community feedback and has been in testing for a few months now, seeing staggered feature rollouts on Tranquility, EVE Online's live server. Now, though, it seems the full rollout is finally ready for its moment in the spotlight, with it anticipated to roll out this month.

"EVE’s user interface has evolved in collaboration with the EVE community, and the anticipated full rollout of Photon UI is here. With an overwhelming 94% adoption among players of the awesome Photon UI which offers a better experience for EVE players, the time was right to make it the default and only UI available."

As a result of moving the new Photon UI out, EVE Online's aged and venerable UI will be leaving the MMORPG, making it easier to allow for "faster feature iteration" on the new, standardized UI. By creating the unified style of UI, this will also allow for future updates that would have been impossible to do with the old interface, according to the devs.

One of those is the addition of micro widgets, which allows players to "toggle the default state of all compatible windows with a single checkbox." There are also some quality-of-life changes coming with the UI, such as adding your wallet balance to the market window, multiple overviews, and more hit with Photon UI. 

EVE Online's Tranquility server has also seen some hardware upgrades which will, hopefully, allow for smoother gameplay - especially considering all the war activity going on in Lowsec right now. EVE Online is still looking ahead to this year, with two EVE expansions planned for 2023, as well as new features such as its Direct Enlistment that allows pilots to fly with a chosen militia without leaving their current capsuleer corporation. EVE seems determined to ride the high from its last expansion well into the later stages of 2023.

Direct Enlistent will be nice to drop soon as it looks like things might be ramping up again as players have spotted a new Stellar Transmuter being set up in the Ohide system. The last time this happened we saw a planet destroyed, a system devastated and my Astero blown up. Good times.


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