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EVE Online's New Player Experience Gets Career Program, Updated Career Agent Dungeons

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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EVE Online's continued effort to update its new player experience moves forward today with the release of its latest update. This time players can expect to see a dedicated career program added to the MMO, as well as expanded graphical upgrades, including revamping career agents and dungeon sites.

EVE's new update sees the AIR Career Program released into the wild after testing on the Singularity test server, bringing a system that helps new players forge their path with greater direction than ever. The program will give players activities to participate in along one of four career paths: Explorer, Industrialist, Enforcer, and a Soldier of Fortune. 

The AIR Career Program aims to give players the tools they need to truly excel in their preferred career path, and will offer activities based on the pilot's skill level. Players can also get some additional help with the inclusion of how-to videos in the Agency Help panel.

In addition, the career agents players interact with are getting an overhaul, starting with the Enforcer career agents. This new agent window displays information more clearly and concisely, as well as makes the agents themselves feel more alive with full-body rendering of the agent in question.

Finally, the update brings about some major graphical overhauls to New Eden, especially the retooling of EVE's 90+ agent dungeons. This overhaul brings more immersion, especially when combined with EVE's improved textures and rebalanced soundscape for its ships. Improved nebulae visuals and clouds bring the environments more alive than ever. Additionally, for those using Photon UI, a new compress mode is available to use, allowing you to compress windows to ensure only the info you need at a moment's notice is available.

you can check out the full news, including what's part of the EVE Evolved overhaul on the EVE Online website.


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