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EVE Online's Much Discussed Mining and Resource Update Doubles Resources, Overhauls Ships and Mining

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 To close out the year, CCP has added the final quadrant, New Dawn, and now EVE Online’s big mining and resource update is here. The changes are extensive, and community feedback through the process was typically contentious and wide-ranging. The update goes live today with some adjustments to CCP’s original plan, but is still quite the overhaul in New Eden.

All mining ships have been rebalanced, and mining barges and exhumers have been changed to make them more survivable and yield more resources. Other ships have been changed to enhance yield as well. Changes for the venture, endurance, and prospect were reverted after community feedback that wanted the flexibility and existing structure. CCP has published a full list of changes, including everything for ships and for harvestable resources.

Resources also get an update that should shape ongoing gameplay and, of course, the economy. Harvesting is about to get more interesting since resources have been doubled. Some more players have a chance at greater yields and it leaves some room for less experienced players to get ahead. 

With the newly doubled resources available, it all pairs with the increase in capacity. Mining crystals get an overhaul and a new mechanic, mining residue, which has a chance to destroy a unit of a resource from the source.  Ore reprocessing skills other than for moon ore are now just skills in six new tiers in a reorganized system. Those who trained their reprocessing skills up will see their skill points and ISK refunded for that training. 

One of the things CCP has been doing in recent months has been helping the game become a little less opaque for new players but also wanting to improve access and grow while setting the EVE Online up for the future.

You can see all of the changes to harvesting in mining in this update on the EVE Online site, and read through all of the patch notes to find everything included in the update.


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