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EVE Online's Massive World War Bee 2 Seems To Be Over

Imperium Claiming Victory

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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The war that has been raging since summer of 2020 seems to have ended in EVE Online, as Reddit is awash with propoganda stating that Imperium have won World War Bee 2. This war, which has included battles which have earned the playerbase multiple world records, has raged for over a year, yet now with a PAPI alliance withdrawl from Delve, the end seems to be in sight.

The war between two of the strongest alliances in EVE Online started back in July of 2020, and since then has raged throughout nullsec space. The war itself has seens some of the most expensive battles in EVE history, as well as the largest fights, with the battle of M2-XFE being the most expensive as well as the fight that saw the most Titans, one of EVE's most powerful class of ship, to the fray. 

However, the latest updates from the EVE playerbase have seen reports that PAPI was withdrawing from Delve, one of the more strategically important areas in New Eden, as well as the home of the Goonswarm Federation on the opposing side. Many took this to mean that PAPI was quitting the fight. However, PAPI pilots and allies are blaming the current changes to taxation in EVE Online that have made war untennable. 

As with any good EVE Online story, the propoganda on the EVE subreddit is flying all over the place, with many Goonswarm pilots congratulating each other, while other players are venting their frustrations with PAPI leadership. Either way, war might be seemingly over, but that doesn't mean the struggle in nullsec has ended. PAPI is currently undocking Keepstars, giant citadel bases players deploy in strategic parts of space, and an evacuation from the territory they once took from Goonswarm is underway. Meanwhile, judging by Reddit, it doesn't seem as though the Imperium and their allies are just going to sit back and let that evacuation happen. Other corps are already looking to take advantage of the chaos, with one propping up their evacuation services in times just like these.

Additionally, one of the larger alliances in the PAPI alliance has installed new leadership within hours of the evacuation order, with long-time EVE player Dunk Dinkle taking over command of BRAVE. Others are speculating that PAPI's coalition lost not because of taxation, but due to leadership and egos. Either way, it's going to be an interesting time in EVE as the spectacle of player war comes to its conclusion. 


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