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EVE Online's Loyalty to Lowsec Went Live, Here's What You Need to Know

Carry on Lowsec peeps

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, the Loyalty to Lowsec update hit EVE Online earlier, rewarding those who take the lowsec route through life.

Changes to Faction Warfare see increased Loyalty Point payouts for PvP kills. Additionally, Loyalty Point payouts will be reduced, which the team says will increase the value of combat. Activation areas will see an increase as well,

“This will allow Capsuleers to enter Faction Warfare combat complexes with less chance of being tackled or stopped before entering the main complex area. This will effectively re-introduce the player-emergent behavior of 'gate sliding', and will be supported by the introduction of perimeter lighting around the acceleration gates to indicate the extent of the activation region surrounding it.”

Loot drop for PvP in Lowsec will be increased as well until April 6. The goal here is to promote PvP in these areas. Finally, an additional task will be added to the daily PvP challenges as part of the Skilling is Just a Means Event. This will be enabled until April 14.


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