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EVE Online's Latest Update Retools Combat For Structures, Updates Blueprints

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The latest update in EVE Online's Road to Fanfest launched yesterday on the Singularity test server, bringing changes not just to manufacturing, but also how structures are handled during combat.

The update itself, called Seige Green, brings changes to a few different aspects of EVE Online. One of the major ones is how structures behave during combat, specifically how they will need to be defended.

CCP Games is dropping the shield damage cap on all Upwell structures entirely, though armor and hull caps will remain in place. The reasoning, according to the EVE developers, is to hopefully foster "more interesting gameplay" during structure attacks and defense. Additionally, the team hopes that this change will force players to be "more strategic" when placing Upwell structures in New Eden, as well as put more onus on the defenders to, well, defend.

This is coupled with the previous updates to structures, which will hopefully, in turn, make battles for them much more interesting and faster for both sides involved. This means that, because the shield cap is removed, the only timer players have to worry about now is the armor reinforcement timer on structures. 

Also on the test server are changes to blueprints, specifically pertaining to the vast amounts of material needed to produced battleships, capital ships, and more. The blueprints will see these ships have a reduced time to produce, as well as reduced cost, hopefully making it easier and more feasible to produce these large hulls central to EVE's  player navies.

You can check out the full update on the EVE Online website. In case you missed it as well, earlier this week the Icelandic developer announced that NFTs wouldn't be making their way onto the live EVE server, at least for the foreseeable future. 


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