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EVE Online's Latest Update Improves Lighting, Shaders In New Eden

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In an update titled Bring out EVE's Colors, the space-faring MMO has received nother visual update, this time bringing lighting, shader and more changes to EVE Online.

This visual update aims to, quite literally, bring out EVE Online's colors by smoothing out gradients and, as developer CCP Games puts it, make the colors in EVE "brighter and deeper." CCP states that every "visual interaction" is touched by the latest update, with the MMO's lighting, shaders and more getting a upgrade pass.

"At a high level of graphical performance, every activity in space and every visual interaction will be affected by this graphical update, as well as all ships, citadels, planetary bodies, and more. You will now see more of how the colors of EVE Online and New Eden were intended to look than ever before."

As such, CCP Games states that the lighting itself is now a "more realistic representation" of how it interacts with objects, such as a the cold metal of the ship hulls players will spend hours looking at across their playsessions. Ships themselves are also seeing an increase in reflectivity, which a new video by the team shows off in action. This isn't just limited to ships, as structures in EVE get the same treatment. Celestial bodies, and space in general, also see improvements, as the backdrop of space looks more vibrant and brighter than before.

You can see the update in action via the video embed below, as well as comparison screenshots on the official news post on the EVE Online website.


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