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EVE Online's Latest Update Adds New Ships, Narrative Event Ahead Of Uprising Expansion

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EVE Online's latest update this week, Empire Frontiers, brings some much needed changes to New Eden, as well as the infusion of new ships to earn and fly. 

CCP Games, the developer behind EVE Online, is ramping up towards its big return to expansions with Uprising later this year, and the update deployed yesterday, Empire Frontiers, aims to help set the stage for what's to come. The update adds new player events on the frontlines of factional warfare, giving exploration and combat sites to players, as well as mining events aimed at unlocking new technologies in New Eden.

These technologies, for the players themselves, are access to a host of new ships, the first time that EVE Online has introduced new ships since 2020. Additionally, the event sites play upon the growing narrative arcs in New Eden, as the various NPC Empires deal with the lasting legacy of the Triglavian Collective's Invasion of New Eden.

"In recent months, each of the empires have sounded a clear call to action, exhorting their respective militias’ capsuleers to assist in capturing and holding territory key to their ongoing efforts. The Amarr and Minmatar are currently pursuing Triglavian Stellar Transmuter technology, with the Caldari and Gallente focusing their attention on separate unidentified tech initially recovered by EDENCOM from a hidden Triglavian installation on the surface of Athounon V. Both represent vital research targets for the respective empires."

Players will be able to take part in the action to help their empire in the factional warfare regions of New Eden. Doing so will earn tokens which can be used to nap the new blueprints to build the new ships, while also helping inch your chosen empire towards the new technology they are seeking, whether it be the construction of new Stargates for the Caldari and Gallente, or the conversion of a device, long-abandoned by the Triglavians in the aftermath of the Invasion, by the Amarr and Minmatar.  

You can check out the full update information on the EVE Online website. Uprising, the upcoming expansion to EVE Online aims to ramp up the narrative further, while also making factional warfare more meaningful and engaging across all of New Eden.


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