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EVE Online's History Book Empires of EVE: Volume II Has Released Its Audiobook To Backers

Audible, when?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online has its own resident historian in author Andrew Groen, having released two volumes of his Empires of EVE series. The second volume was released last year and based on a new Kickstarter update, the audiobook version has just been released as well.

Empires of EVE: Volume II explores the deeds of the great player empires in EVE Online from 2009 through 2016, detailing the player politics, wars and much more from New Eden. The first volume covered the period from the MMO's launch through 2009, detailing some of the mightiest fights and server firsts at the time, such as the first time we saw Titans clash in a player war in EVE, as well as the final stand of Red Alliance and the surge of power that would become Goonswarm. 

The paper volume has been out for over a year, but a new post on Kickstarter has announced the audiobook of Volume II has been released to backers. Currently, there is no announcement as to when the audiobook will release on Apple, Google or Audible platforms, but given the first book is there on Audible (and is a definite read if you're interested at all in MMO history), it's safe to bet that this will also be coming in the near future.


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