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EVE Online's Grand Heist Is Now Live, Trillions Of ISK Up For Grabs

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's Grand Heist is underway, so capsuleers will want to start putting together their crew to try to ge their hands on the trillions of ISK up for grabs.

The heist, which will see players steal ISK from in-game bank reserves, is now live on the main Tranquility server. The event sees 20 trillion ISK (which when converted into real-world value is a staggering $200K USD), up for grabs as players unlock reserves, as well as fight off other capsuleers intent on making the rewards their own.

EVE Online players will be hunting for keys, wich can be found in the different regions of New Eden. The keys will be then used to open the ESS Reserve Banks, draining the bank of the assets found within - though any other crew can always swoop in, take out your team and reap the rewards themselves. 

In addition to the actual Heisting, EVE Online is running a daily log-in campaign during the event, seeing capsuleers rewarded with skill points, boosters, and even cold, hard ISK. EVE Online's markets should also see a boon as the market fee and market tax are both seeing a reduction during the event period. 

You can check out the full details on the EVE Online website. If you're more interested in the long-term goals of the team, especially when put in the perspective of the crazy few years EVE has had with the dev team introducing risk and more scarcity in the in-game universe, you can check out their July status update here.


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