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EVE Online's First CSM 14 Summit Minutes Released

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's elected body the Council of Stellar Management had their first summit in Reykjavik earlier this month. CCP Games has released the minutes of the first CSM 14 summit to capsuleers today, detailing how the first meeting of the new year went down.

On the EVE Online website, the full minutes of the first CSM 14 summit were made available to capusleers, giving players insight into how their elected officials conducted themselves as they discussed the state of the game with the developers. Elected earlier this year, this is the first time the new CSM has had a chance to really dive into the issues they care about in order to improve the EVE Online experience for all who live and play in New Eden.

Coming off the heels of the infamous Blackout in Nullsec as well as the introduction of the Chaos Era, CCP and the CSM discussed the future of EVE and how the Chaos Era, as well as specifically the ways CCP can help new players along in their life as a capsuleer. Specifically, CCP Burger, EVE Online's Creative Director, brings up the complexity of EVE and how it's a "completely different beast" than it was when it originally launched. The new player experience is something that many EVE devs have talked about in recent years as EVE struggles with player retention

Response to the minutes so far on the official discussion thread has been mixed. Some players feel the CSM 14 was a great start to a new year, while others lamented the fact that lowsec and highsec wasn't really mentioned at all. You can check out the full minutes on the EVE Online website, and join in the discussion as well. 


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