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EVE Online's Final Quadrant, New Dawn, Is Now Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New Dawn is the fourth and final quadrant for EVE Online this year and brings with it some pretty big changes to mining and resources. Plus, Winter Nexus returns.

You can look forward to four new exploration sites live now as part of New Dawn. If you’ve got capital and supercaptial construction components, these new sites might pique your interest. These new sites include AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facility, Overmind Nursery Groves, AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility, and AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges.

New Dawn also brings with it a substantial overhaul of the resource availability and acquisition,  and major updates to mining. Additionally, mining ships will see a big rebalancing, while resource compression will see updates as well. You can learn more about New Dawn at the blog post here.

Additionally CCP recently announced the return of FanFest which will be held May 6-7, 2022. You’ll be able to check out the Laugardalshöll arena for developer presentations on the sandbox MMO, roundtables, player tournaments, and more. In case you missed it, you can still grab tickets now.

Moreover, the Winter Nexus holiday event is returning this year. You can take advantage of bonus daily login rewards, daily challenges, and snowball fighting as part of Chilling Spree. Additionally, CCP will prepare personalized video for you recapping your year in EVE Online.


Poorna Shankar