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EVE Online's EVE Academy Resource Hub Announced

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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CCP Games, the team behind space sandbox EVE Online, has revealed the EVE Academy resource hub with the aim of helping players find career paths. Read on for full details.

The EVE Academy will be available for anyone who has completed the tutorial and includes some vital information on various career paths available in EVE Online. This EVE Academy resource hub will be localized for English, German, Russian, French, and Japanese.

Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director for EVE Online, provided his thoughts in the accompanying press release,

“It’s no secret that EVE Online is a complex game, and its unmatched freedom has a lot to offer players who are hungry for adventure. We’ve learned that players who have goals they want to accomplish in EVE Online get more enjoyment out of the game. Everyone has to start somewhere, and EVE Academy gives us an opportunity to help new Capsuleers learn the ropes and set their own goals.”

The EVE Academy resource hub was created in collaboration with players who bring their experience and expertise from the various career paths. This includes mechanics and more. You’ll also be able to use the resource hub to jump into various activities like PvP, building corporations, joining empires, and more.

You can learn more details about EVE Academy here. And stay tuned for our upcoming interview with CCP where we’ll share additional details.


Poorna Shankar