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EVE Online's Elected Player Council Will Be Holding Their Next Elections Soon

Voting for CSM 16 starts in June

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's player-elected council, also known as the Council of Stellar Management, will start its election cycle soon, with CSM 16's election cycle gearing up this month.

The Council of Stellar Management is a player-elected council of, well, players, who represent the interests of the different player bases that make up EVE Online. These players work with CCP to ensure that the concerns of those who elected them are heard and help influence design and development over the term. 

Normally the CSM meets with CCP at the company's headquarters in Iceland a few times a year, but CSM 15's election during the pandemic ensured that wouldn't be the case. Regardless developers met with the player council throughout the term, talking about a wide-range of topics that matter to the players in New Eden.

"The CSM15 term is slowly coming to an end, but despite not having the pleasure to meet in person, we managed to remain productive by interacting daily via established Slack channels with EVE Online teams and hosting regular meetings with members across the CCP organization to cover topics ranging from new game feature designs, balance, marketing, live operations to reflecting on the past and brainstorming future opportunities."

Over the course of the year, CCP says that they help 46 meetings for just under 60 hours total throughout the term.

This Council of Stellar Management term is ending, and so CCP is getting CSM 16's election cycle in gear, with submissions to be considered as a candidate starting on April 26th and ending on May 12th. From there, CCP will announce the candidates, who will then be able to campaign as to why they should be part of the council for the next fea weeks. Voting will take place on June 8th through the 15th, with the CSM 16 results being revealed on the 21st of June.

You can check out the full post, as well as application requirements in case you're considering running on the EVE Online website. Back in 2019, we got the chance to talk a bit more about the CSM and the role it plays with both the community and the development team, which you can read about here.


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