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EVE Online's Champions of Lowsec Has a Winner

Plus second and third place

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A champion has been crowned for EVE Online’s Champions of Lowsec.

If you recall, this PvP event challenged playersl for accruing the highest ISK value of ship and pod kills during the event period. Structure kills were not counted.

Well, there appears to be a winner. Snuffed Out was named champion, with the winning alliance receiving the following in sweet, sweet victory:

  • Their flag displayed proudly for a month at our new CCP HQ which we will be moving into once IRL circumstances permit.
  • An in-game billboard advertisement celebrating their supremacy which will will be displayed throughout New Eden for one month.
  • Medals from Mordu’s Legion added to the character sheet of all winning alliance members who appeared on a killmail in lowsec during the contest period.

Pen is Out came in second place, with Test Alliance Please Ignore came in third. A full blog post is planned for later, but for now, congrats to the winners.



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