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EVE Online's CCP Games Talks Changes, Health Of MMO And More In Latest July Update Blog

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EVE Online's developer CCP Games has taken to the game's blog to talk about the updates and more seen in the MMO the past, specifically reasonings and individual updates made to facets of the game in order to carry EVE Online into its third decade.

In a post to the EVE Online website named July Status Update, CCP Games addressed concerns and feedback from the player community regarding some of the updates and changes made to the MMO over the last year or so. Recognizing that some of the conduits that would normally be available to the developer to further lay out their visions with players as the pandemic has caused the normally scheduled EVE FanFests to not take place, the developer talks about how the steps taken in the last year are meant to preserve and foster the MMO into its third decade. 

"Over the last few weeks, we’ve been listening to you, our community, discuss EVE Online’s ecosystem, game changes, direction, and overall health. For many, EVE is more than just a game – it’s a hobby - and one you want to make sure is worthy of your considerable time and dedication.

Very often these questions are answered at events like Fanfest and the World Tour, where the view and vision for EVE Online is shared with you, the players, through presentations and casual conversations alike. Unfortunately, this year didn’t allow for such conversations and to that end, here’s a deeper look into what has been going on for EVE and what is upcoming."

The post details the timeline of changes going back to when the developer brought scarcity and risk to EVE, most acutely felt through a redistribution of resources throughout New Eden. 

"For EVE to transition successfully into a third decade and beyond, it was clear that work was needed on the foundations of its crucial Ecosystem. When the plans were first revealed, the journey for major resource redistribution across the entire game through three phases was explained: Shortage, Redistribution, and Dynamic Distribution. The Shortage Phase (or Scarcity) has been a challenging road. It has meant tighter belts, and a complete shake up of the institutional knowledge that EVE players have utilized when it comes to earning ISK and resources."

However, CCP Games states that the "leanest days are now behind us," stating that Scarcity will "firmly" end in Q4 2021. CCP says that player stockpiles are at "desired levels" and the income faucets players relied on are "under control." As such, capsuleers should notice that proliferation of capital ships is now more firmly under control thanks in part also to the changes made to industry over the course of this period in EVE Online's history.

The EVE Online developer states that players should start to see additional resources, as well as changes to how resources are "distributed in your sovereign space."

"Scarcity firmly ends in Q4 2021 with additional resources as well as player choice for what resources to distribute in your sovereign space. While the full details will not be shared here today, here's a small glimpse into what you can expect to see in this update:

  • Increased quantity of all resources across New Eden
  • Introduction of moon goo and gas compression
  • A balance pass for all mining ships
  • Additional specialized holds for gas and ice
  • Rework of the industrial index including greater choice over the distribution of resources"

CCP also goes on to detail the balance changes made to the MMO, especially some of the more controversial ones like the Quantum Cores update, as well as changes to cynosural fields and more. EVE Academy is also touched on, as the new initiative to help new players stick with EVE beyond the first moments is paramount to ensuring a healthy and robust player base in the future. EVE Online has long had issues with player retention, and so EVE Academy is another step on the ladder to ensure that capsuleers who start their journey in New Eden continue it over the long haul.

You can check out the full update on the EVE website. 


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