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EVE Online's Caldari Union Day Celebrations Begin, Brings Rewards, Hacking And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Caldari Union Day is upon Capsuleeers in New Eden, and Eve Online is celebrating now through September 6th. The event sees players earn daily rewards as well as compete to win a security contract from Jita 4-4. 

Caldari space is probably known most for the popular trading and player hub, Jita 4-4, and the Caldari are playing this up by hosting a "friendly competition" between the megacorporations. The prize? The Jita 4-4's security contract.

"This year, the State will be holding a friendly competition between megacorporations for the rights to Jita 4-4's security contract. The corp that wins the contract will become the new protectors of Jita, standing proud at the gates of New Eden’s commercial centre! As a Capsuleer, you can join up as a corporate champion for corp that best represents you. Help them win the contract in the Union Day activities while winning yourself some unique rewards along the way!"

The Caldari are also known for their military, and they aren't afraid to show it with the occasional military parade. Players can visit various military parades, launch some fireworks at the various Titans there, and earn some skill points for your trouble. 

Combat and hacking sites will be getting into the action as well, with challenges that give out loot and skill points for completing them, as well as resource wars for those intrepid EVE Online ore miners out there.

The event, including its log-in rewards, runs for now through September 6th.


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