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EVE Online's Black Ops Update Hits The Live Server As Visual Update Hits Test Server

Tranquility And Sigularity Seeing Updates

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Black Ops update, Enter the Portal, has now launched on the live version of EVE Online, bringing big changes to Black Ops hulls in the sci-fi space-faring MMO. Additionally, visual changes are being implemented on the test server, Singularity ahead of a full launch on live.

First though, as we reported previously, the Enter the Portal update to EVE Online sees major changes in how Black Ops and Covert Ops hulls operate in the MMO. For starters it makes Black Ops ships much more of an offensive weapon, allowing pilots to jump with fleets into the fray to ambush unsuspecting capsuleers. Based on feedback through testing, this has been made even stronger, with CCP bumping the passenger count for the Black Ops Conduit Jump from 10 to 30 pilots, making for even larger, more coordinated and stronger ambushes. Black Ops ships are also seeing their carrying capacity and targeting range improved. 

On Singularity, however, EVE Online is seeing some visual upgrades to keep it looking, well, beautiful. The new update on the test server adds adjustments to the game's shaders, lighting and more. Additionally, the update adds more detail to the colors of EVE, making them "brighter and deeper," as well as smoothing out gradients. 

The team at CCP states that this update is meant to improve the existing "foundation of EVE."

"These changes are part of an ongoing commitment to improving the foundation of EVE, and setting the game up for a thriving third decade. By deleting the gray coloring, these upgrades will bring New Eden to life like never before."

EVE Online recently had its Council of Stellar Management voted on by the playerbase, with the new CSM 16 officially revealed earlier this week. Additionally, the team at CCP Games recently released a short vignette trailer showing off one of its Foundation empires, the Gallente.


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