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EVE Online's Abyssal Proving Grounds Are Live Until 28 July

PvP In 2v2 Matches

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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The Abyssal Proving Grounds, an arena normally reserved for the end of Abyssal Deadspace, are now open for Capsuleers to test their mettle in EVE Online.  Meant to give another way to allow players to take part in these PvP matchups without neededing to fight your way through Abyssal Deadspace first, the Proving Grounds will only be in New Eden for a limited time, going away July 28th.

Capsuleers will even find themselves with some extra Proving Filaments as the daily log in reward to join the action. The Proving Grounds are meant for 2v2 PvP encounters using Tech 1 cruisers. This means we won't see the massive battleships (like the Machariel I lost over the weekend), rather we'll see hulls like the fantastic looking Caracal, the drone boat Vexor, and more. 

Player reaction seems to be generally good so far, as players revel in the killing of other Capsuleers - nothing new here for EVE Online players. 

You can check out the Proving Grounds in EVE Online now. Recently we sat down with EVE Online's developers and spoke about the Proving Grounds, as well as loss and their thoughts on the controversial Forsaken Fortress update.


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