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EVE Online's 8th-Annual Player-Led PvP Event Taking Place This Weekend

Free Frigates For All

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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A player-led PvP is in its eighth year, and will be hosting its next PvP this Saturday. Stay Frosty's Frigate Free-For-All will see players engage in some good old-fashioned player-versus-player action.

The event itself is hosted in the Ouelletta system by the corporation Stay Frosty, and like the years before it players of all skill ranges can take control of one of 10K free frigates to fly and get blown up in during the event.

What makes the event special is that it is open to anyone in New Eden that wants to join, newbie or seasoned war vet. It's also a fantastic way for new players to get a taste of PvP without risking their own ships in the process - a way to mitigate the loss of a hull can be on new players specifically.

As with previous years, there are no limits to the number of ships you can request, just get blown up, dock in a station owned by Stay Frosty and ask for another. 

The Frigate Free For All by Stay Frosty will be held at 16:00-2200 UTC (or starting at Noon EDT/9am PDT) on Saturday, March 19th. In conjunction with the player-led event, CCP Games is also hosting its own Frigate PvP event in the Abyssal Proving Grounds. Set up as a 2v2 event, players will be able to take basic Frigate hulls and duke it out against each other with a teammate. To make it easier for new players to join as well, fittings for these ships will be restricted to basic modules only, meaning it'll be easier for a new player to get the hull together to participate.

You can check out full details on the EVE Online website. Recently, EVE Online has seen some dramatic additions to the New Player Experience, specifically the addition of a mining tutorial, though the promotions by CCP Games to accompany this hasn't gone over well with some in the community.


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