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EVE Online Winter Nexus is Back, Offering Ice Storms to Fight Through, Mine, and Plenty of Rewards

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 As we close out the year, more games are getting right into their winter events. For EVE Online, the Winter Nexus holiday is back today through January 4th 2022. You'll be able to engage in winter-themed fun, travel through ice storms, and earn rewards. The festival will also see a few rounds of Abyssal Proving Grounds.

Up for a challenge and can handle the cold strategically? You can travel through the ice storms in Highsec, Lowsec, and Nullsec space, all ready to challenge some pilots. If you enter them in a mining ship, or a hauling ship there are also special volatile icefield mining sites. Of course, your work will be rewarded if you trade  the ice that you mine  with some NPCs forward packages. If you don't feel like exploring the ice storms, there are daily challenges and seasonal Rewards

The Chilling Spree is back too, and every day you'll be given a new challenge that will have you throwing snowballs at other pilots.  if you manage to get your fellow Pilots with snowballs, you'll get bonus skill points. Speaking of skill points, they are also on offer for the 13 days of Nexus along with boosters, Aurora universalis skins, fireworks, and special storm-chaser filaments. Those filaments will get you access to a random ice storm system when you're ready for a challenge. Every day they'll be a new gift when you log in.

It wouldn't be an Eve online event without the Abyssal Proving Grounds.  this time it's themed around the ice storm so you'll be able to change your strategies a little bit and focus on eating your modules and maybe using afterburners. There will be three different chapters depending on which preferred class you’d like to enjoy the battle with.

For the full event announcement, including the calendar, giveaways, and shop specials, head over to EVE Online.


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