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EVE Online Welcomes New Players With Big Gateway Update, Epic Store Release

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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EVE Online has been engaging folks for 18 years, and there's no denying the dedicated community. However, some regard it as being difficult to start, especially as a new player without resources or connections. It's a big universe after all. The latest update, Quadrant 3: Gateway, is looking to change that. With an emphasis on both the new player experience and improvements and features for all, this just may be the way in for those interested to get started.

The new onboarding content, the New Player Experience, includes new characters there to show the player the ropes on all the basics like how to pilot ships, how to fight and survive in battles, and of course, how to make money and how the player-driven economy works. This experience is designed top to bottom to give a good foundation to get started and jump in, making the idea, and the process, less intimidating. 

As another step towards reaching more new players, EVE Online will be available through the Epic Games Store beginning September 23rd. 

Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason, declared, "The heart of EVE Online has always been its players. For Quadrant 3 we are opening up the Gateway for new Capsuleers into EVE Online, starting with the new player experience. I’m excited to see how these new pilots will shape the game for years to come!” in a press release. And given that famously dedicated base, and CCP’s community input, the Quadrant 3 update doesn't leave anyone behind. There are balance changes, content, and an important chance to resource scarcity. Quadrant 3 is the beginning of these resource distribution changes and more will follow. 

The other important part of the overhaul is the introduction of skill plans. Skill plans allow players to build customizable skill lists without having to buy or inject them first. These skill plans can be shared too. This feature supports the new player onboarding as well as continued training and development. When you're able to learn better what the skills are and how they work, they let you plan out goals and your journey.

You’ll be able to see how long it would take to train individual skills and a whole plan. It might also be a way to get those who may have stopped playing to come back to start with some fresh guidance. For more on the new skills system, check out this EVE Online blog.


Christina Gonzalez

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