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EVE Online Wants Your Advertisements for CCP TV Live Streams

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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CCP, the developers behind massive space sandbox EVE Online, want you to submit advertisements for a chance of them being shown during CCP TV live streams.

These ads will be shown on their live streams which run on Twitch, Facebook, and Steam. As for the brief, well it’s pretty open. Your ad can revolve around almost anything including your corporation, alliance, community, in-game service, public event, CSM campaign, blog, third party tool, YouTube or Twitch channel, player gathering, etc.

Of course, there are guidelines which must be followed. For example, whatever you create must be related to EVE Online, obviously. The video can’t contain copyrighted audio or visuals, must be suitable for all ages, and must contain sound.

There’s a swathe of technical rules as well, such as a 1080p resolution with a 1:1 pixel aspect ratio. The length of your ad must be between 15 to 30 seconds. The codec for the ad must be MP4 or MKV using H.264.

CCP also notes how your ad may be utilized on various streams,

“Be aware that unlike previous calls for submissions where player advertisements were used to fill frequent and lengthy breaks in the broadcast (eg. between alliance tournament matches), for this purpose approved advertisements will be added to a pool which streamers on CCP TV may choose to pull from and incorporate into their streams. They might be used during the countdown prior to the stream starting, or during a break or not at all depending on what the needs of the person streaming are.”

You can check out the full rules, guidelines, and more here. EVE Online recently received Grand Heist, which you can check out here. And in case you missed it, CCP’s July blog discussed changes, the health of EVE Online, and much more.


Poorna Shankar