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EVE Online - Triglavian Invasion Finale on the Horizon, Rewards at Stake

Loyalty Will be Rewarded

Steven Weber Posted:
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In an article on the official EVE Online site, CCP is reminding players that haven’t joined in on the Triglavian Invasion and chosen their side, will miss out on some rewards. Whether you’ve chosen to stand with the Triglavians or EDENCOM, rewards for adequate tier standings for each faction will be given.

There are four separate rewards tiers, each with their own cosmetic uniforms, that are increasingly stylish as you move up the faction tiers. There was also a word of warning, EDENCOM has released a statement requiring all capsuleers that live in systems that have been taken over by Triglavian forces, should move out as soon as possible. The list of the affected systems are as follows:

  • Ahtila
  • Angymonne
  • Archee
  • Arvasaras
  • Harva
  • Ichoriya
  • Ignebaener
  • Kaunokka
  • Kino
  • Komo
  • Konola
  • Kuharah
  • Nalvula
  • Nani
  • Niarja
  • Otanuomi
  • Otela
  • Raravoss
  • Sakenta
  • Skarkon
  • Senda
  • Tunudan
  • Urhinichi
  • Vale
  • Wirashoda

CCP has been hard at work lately, overhauling systems, and releasing new content. The beginning of the end of the Triglavian invasion started back in May of this year, and the repercussions appear to be ongoing. Now is the time to get in and choose a side before you miss out on these time-sensitive rewards.


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