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EVE Online Soft Launches Spanish Client, Invites Community to Give Feedback Before Full Q4 Release

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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CCP Games has released what it’s calling a soft launch of its new Spanish-language version of EVE Online, You’ll be able to access a partly-translated client on Tranquility now, give feedback on the experience, and help CCP on its way to an eventual fully translated client, which has a Q4 2022 release target.

That there would be a Spanish-language edition of EVE Online was announced back at Fanfest, but now it’s here for anyone to jump into and prepare for a capsuleer’s journey in a new language. 

“With the soft launch of the long-requested and highly anticipated Spanish client, live now on the Tranquility server, you can now jump in and enjoy EVE en Español for the first time!

European Spanish is the foundation, but the aim is to faithfully incorporate the shared terminology and culture that EVE’s Spanish-speaking community has developed over the course of EVE’s lifetime.”

Members of the EVE community have helped with the initial localization to get things rolling, but the new experience still needs some work. When releasing a partially-translated client, there will, of course, be gaps to expect, but there’s clearly enough confidence in how things have been going with the effort to push ahead with this soft launch. 

This is also where community experience and feedback becomes invaluable. According to a press release in Spanish on the new client, Spanish has been one of the most requested languages, and as CCP takes EVE into its third decade, this is one more way they’re expanding the reach of the game. Eyeing that Q4 launch for the full localization is in the works.

If you’re looking to see what the new client is like for yourself, it’s available to try out right now. Head over to EVE Online for the full announcement and details on access to Nuevo Eden.


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