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EVE Online Shares Champions of Lowsec Infographic

Including Most Dyingest Ship

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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EVE Online recently shared some stats for its Champions of Lowsec event which concluded last month.

If you recall, the Champions of Lowsec event ran from March 26 through March 31 and would award an alliance or independent corporation which destroyed the greatest ISK value of ships in low security space. During the event Snuffed Out was crowned the winner, with Pen Is Out taking silver, and Test Alliance Please Ignore taking bronze.

Some additional stats include which systems were actually the most dangerous. To that end, Tama was the most dangerous system with 5033 ships and pods destroyed. It was by far the most dangerous system with the next most dangerous being Amamake with a mere 1926 ships and pods destroyed.

Some other interesting stats include what the team called “the dyingest ship” which happened to be Tristan with 1240 destroyed (even though capsules were the lead with 8254 destroyed). The most expensive kill happened to be an Avatar class Titan. In fact, champion Snuffed Out came across the ship and destroyed it.

Throughout the month of March, the kills per day in EVE Online steadily climbed to a peak of just under 8000 per day.


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