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EVE Online Server Issues Plague 'Supposed Battle of 49-U'

Time dilation didn't appear to help

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In the ever-evolving universe that is EVE Online, a massive battle took place last night. Or at least, it tried.

Dubbed ‘The Supposed Battle of 49-U’ by INN, the fight actually started off relatively tamely (watch the whole thing on Twitch). The battle was between Imperium and their allies against PANFAM/Test and their allies. Imperium began by placing their subcap fleets in a defensive position on Fortizar. PAPI then entered and placed some dreadnoughts on Fortizar. This placed them in range to attack these Imperium subcap fleets and the citadel.

At this point, Imperium super fleet entered the fray and then all hell broke loose. According to INN’s Alizabeth, the lag was incredible,

“I spent most of the time watching the outstanding calls list to see just what was going on. Press a button and wait 180 seconds or more for the damn thing to happen. I know there’s TiDi, but this is stupid. We didn’t even get to 4000 people in system! This is a reinforced node! What the actual, and I cannot stress this enough, fuck, over?”

Server calls, it seems, apparently kept their queues. Alizabeth’s client then crashed, but this was happening to other pilots as well. These server issues continued when one such pilot jumped into the system and the fighter bay just decided not to load.

Alizabeth then provided some advice for CCP,

“However, if I were CCP, I would utterly eliminate anything that slows down the server in a fight. Bounties: gone. These stupid liminal storms: gone... CCP needs to stop being clever and make sure the server works. All the game systems do not mean shit if they don’t run. Under normal circumstances I would be stoked about getting a killmark on my Nyx. Instead, I’m writing a profanity-laden rant for INN. What do you think, dear reader? Did I have fun tonight? Nawwwwwww.”

You can check out the video of the whole thing below:


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