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EVE Online September Update Brings Anticipated Cyno Changes And 64-Bit client

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online's anticipated Cyno update has come to the Chaos Era with the September update, as well as the shift to the 64-bit client as the standard, CCP Games announced.

For capsuleers who have been tracking the major changes that have hit EVE Online since this summer, the changes to Cynosural Field Generators has been anticipated thanks to an announcement by the team weeks earlier. This week those changes have been made, bringing with it changes to how Capital Ships move throughout space, among other things.

The September release brings changes to cynosural fields generators - reducing the number of hulls they can be fitted to in order to make hotdropping a more tactical choice.

Similarly, this release sees the introduction of the new Industrial Cynosural Field Generator that can be fitted by Industrials, Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports. New industrial cynosural fields can be used by jump freighters, so as to reduce the impact of the cynosural field changes on logistical supply runs to more remote and dangerous areas of space.

Additionally, the EVE's 64-bit client has been switched as the standard client for New Eden now, the team announced. The new client has been in testing for a while and the team at CCP has decided to make it the main version, though players who still use the 32-bit client can still do so as an option in the launcher.


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