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EVE Online Reflects on 17th Anniversary, While Providing Updates on PLEX for GOOD, Quadrant 2, More

Happy birthday, EVE

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In a letter by CCP Hellmar to the EVE Online community, the CEO looks to the 17th anniversary of the game in addition to sharing updates on PLEX for GOOD and other news.

Hellmar begins by recounting the launch of EVE Online and his memories of that day,

“I remember this day very well despite weeks of sleep deprivation. It was a bit of an unassuming moment after the armageddon that was the end of the open beta. At 17 years of age, if EVE was a teenager in Iceland we´d be celebrating it having achieved its pilot’s license!”

As for the other news, PLEX for GOOD is set to run through the month of June, providing players and the community to continue aiding the fight against COVID-19 amidst the pandemic. As of this writing over $100,000 has been raised. Another donation option will be made available for Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Project Discovery was also discussed, with the goal of protein folding for the Human Protein Atlas apparently going well. Phase 3 of this effort involves the fight against COVID-19. The team will share additional details as and when they become ready.

Hellmar also touched on the game itself, citing the influx of new players, the continued engagement of veteran players, and the relaunch of EVE China. Apparently, the latter is growing quite quickly so as both servers there are approaching equal size.

The post also touched on Quadrant 2 and Eclipse, with Quadrant 3 planning currently in the works. Hellmar mentioned that the team is working on addressing the botting, while issuing a warning to those who illegally buy ISK.

The conversion to 64-bit was also discussed. The team is working on recompiling the entire codebase it seems,

“We are now working on recompiling the whole codebase of EVE, upgrading to Visual Studio 2019, and we are adding more hardware to increase the power of our servers.”

The post is quite lengthy and touches on a myriad of topics as summarized above. If you wish to read the full thing, you can do so here.


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