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EVE Online Project Discovery Phase Four Announced, This Time to Help Researchers Study Immune Diseases

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The EVE Online community is known for being opinionated, dedicated, and also for their various charity and science efforts over the years. CCP Games, as part of Fanfest, announced phase four of Project Discovery, the program that works with researchers to conduct citizen science and collect data that has helped inform science on COVID-19 and more.

The fourth phase is once again done in collaboration with Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) and  the research will expand on previous COVID-19 research and more to help researchers investigate various immune system diseases, including cancer. 

Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online Creative Director said, “EVE Online players have made immeasurable contributions to the scientific community through Project Discovery and we’re setting them up to take things a step further with Phase Four. We’ve proven games can be used for good and the EVE Online community should be proud of all the incredible work they’ve helped some of the world’s leading scientists accomplish”.

Additionally, there will be a companion mobile app on the way in 2024 when the fourth phase is set to start. You’ll be able to access Project Discovery on the go, but they also plan additional ways to help too. 

Over 700,000 EVE Online players have already participated in Project Discovery’s COVID-19 program, with over 380 million citizen science games having been played in-game. Nearly a third of the data examined through participation was judged to have met the scientific standard of consensus to be used in research in various fields, such as immune system research. In fact, in a press release announcing the next collaboration, “In 2021, Project Discovery had contributed over 330 years' worth of research to understanding how COVID-19 affects human blood cells”.

This just sets an encouraging goal for the expansion of the project in the next phase. 

When revealing phase four, the research team also announced that the latest dataset from Project Discovery will be made publicly available. 

For more on Project Discovery, and to take part, head to EVE Online’s Project Discovery page.  


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