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Eve online preview!

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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OK guyz...Eve online is getting closer and closer to its official launch date and I want to keep you up to date on every scrap of information i can musster.

This time i have come across a good and fair preview of Eve online..

Here's a snipet of what's going on:

Eve Online:

Bill Gates suddenly has a lot more companies to acquire. Of course, it helps to have the infinite expanses of the galaxy to spread your corporate tendrils out over. Eve Online players may be watching a lot more late night TV in the hopes of discovering new "Get rich quick!" schemes to apply to the game. Entrepreneurship plays a large role in the game as Icelandic developers CCP are essentially handing the reigns of control over to the players. In order to get ahead, you’ll have to be prudent and creative. Eve isn’t about fast paced action or spending ten hours accumulating intangible "experience" points. Eve is about inter-player dynamics, communication, exploration and business. The structure of the game is modeled after this unique objective. .

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