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EVE Online Players Elect New Stellar Management Council

Diverse group of players

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The 15th Council of Stellar Management has been elected by EVE Online players.

During the election, there were 36,120 votes case, which, according to CCP is continuing the trend of increased participation over the last several years. If you’re interested in the voting data, you can check it out here.

The new Council of Stellar Management includes Kenneth Feld, Merkelchen, Gobbins, Brisc Rubal, Vily, Phantomite, Innominate, Mike Azariah, Torvald Uruz, and Maria Taylor. These new members are comprised of players across the globe from the US, to China, UK, and more.

These next few upcoming weeks will be focused on onboarding these new members, as CCP notes,

“It is an important period where we will go over all the ground rules and ensure we are on the same page in terms of expectations from one another. Therefore, even if the new council is in immediate effect, please be reasonable with your requests and understand that it may take a few weeks before everyone is up to speed.”


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