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EVE Online Player Visits All Star Systems in 224 Days, Claiming a Guinness World Record and CCP Notice

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When it comes to your favorite games, some people think big, really big. CCP is reporting that one of its very EVE Online players has now claimed a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach all of the star systems in EVE. He completed this journey in around 7 months.

The player’s in-game name is Henrique Arnolles, and he reached all 7,805 star systems in just 224 days. This includes the 5,201 systems in New Eden and the additional 2,604 in Anoikis. While a different capsuleer, Katia Sae, visited  all of the star systems in 2019, Henrique decided he would set out to do the same, but faster. He started on February 1, 2021 and visited every Empire system by February 6, every Nullsec system by February 15, and completed visiting all star systems in Anoikis onSeptember 13, 2021. Neither Katia or Henrique lost a single ship in the process. And no one would ever say the game lacks for those who have a solid competitive streak. CCP is even throwing its support behind anyone who wants to try for a new record.

In the long history of EVE Online, these past couple of years have featured many firsts. In addition to overhauling the new player experience and looking for players to achieve their own first, EVE Online has launched natively on Mac supporting Apple’s own Metal tech, the game became available in the Epic Games Store, and recently, EVE Online launched its first major crossover event with the BBC and Doctor Who. CCP and scientific organizations even found a way for players to help them with COVID-19 research.

When you think beyond what a game could be, especially with such a player driven space as EVE Online, hitting firsts and discovering new ways to enjoy your time, makes sense. CCP has a special episode of Talking Stations up, featuring both Katia and Henrique along with CCP Swift, CCP Paragon, CCP Goat.


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