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EVE Online Player Lists Extremely Rare Ship For Auction, Proceeds Going To Charity

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An EVE Online player has put an extremely rare ship up for auction on the EVE forums, listing the starting bid at 1 Trillion ISK. The OP has indicated that the proceeds form this sale will go directly towards buying PLEX to contribute to CCP's PLEX for GOOD charity campaign.

Capsuleer Kelon Darklight is putting up for sale a Gold Magnate ship, which only two of these exist in the game. So far the auction has attracted a 1,000,000 PLEX (which equates out to around 160 years of game time). The bidder, Scott Manley, is an EVE Online player who also is a famous science and gaming YouTuber with over 1 Million Subscribers, earned a ton of PLEX using the EVE Online referral programs early on. CCP Games has verified he has the PLEX in account, and are expecting the transaction to take place within a few hours. If the sale goes through, this will be the largest sale since EVE Online went free-to-play, and possibly the largest in-game sale in EVE history. 

PLEX for GOOD is a charity effort on the part of CCP and the players to raise money to assist those affected by the Australian brush fires raging on the continent. Players will donate PLEX to the CCP team, which will in turn convert that PLEX into its real-world value and donate that amount to the Australian Red Cross. If this sale goes through, this could mean thousands and thousands of dollars in donations going to PLEX for GOOD to be put to use helping those affected by the disaster. 

We'll keep an eye on this story and update it as more information becomes available. 

Featured Image via Talking In Stationshttps://www.talkinginstations.com/2019/03/end-of-a-golden-magnate/


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