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EVE Online Player Honored With Space Sendoff

The Cyno Is Now Lit

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a bit of somber news, EVE Online's community remembered a cherished player whose send-off was as spectacular as the life he lived in game. Bruce Spike MacPhee (known as Paradox Olbers in game) was honored this past weekend as his ashes were launched into space via SpaceX.

The news came to the EVE Online community via Charles White, also known as Max Singularity or The Space Pope in New Eden. Charles commemorated his friend with a post on both his Facebook as well as Twitter, describing Paradox as a "wonderful friend."

Players have commemorated Paradox in the thread, posting the customary o7 salute often found throughout EVE's community forums and chats, as well as other games like Elite: Dangerous. EVE Online has a history of commemorating their comrades, with many in-game funerals being held for those pilots, oftentimes ending in a blaze of glory, such as one held in 2019 for Diana Sarain

Fly safe, Para. The Cyno is now lit.


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