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EVE Online Patch Notes Reveal UI and Balance Tweaks

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New EVE Online patch notes include balancing tweaks, localization, UI, and more.

Balancing tweaks include,

  • Micro Jump Field Generator reworked to move a maximum of 25 capsuleer ships. All fighters, drones, probes and bombs will always be moved
  • Bosonic Field Generator signature resolution increased to 10,000 (was 2000)
  • Dromi I and Standup Dromi I web amount reduced to 10% (was 15%)
  • Dromi II and Standup Dromi II web amount reduced to 15% (was 20%)
  • Ansiblex Jump Gate and Tenebrex Cyno Jammer must now be anchored at least 500km from other Upwell Structures

UI is seeing some changes as well, including,

  • Updated the default window and sizes for new users and added a new low and medium resolutions layout so that windows are an appropriate size regardless of your starting resolution. These updated and new layouts are designed to fix some long standing issues with the previous window layouts and sizes:
  • Added the 'One Way Move' warning prompt when moving items to a corporation owned container
  • Reorganised Watchlist and Drone HP bars to "Structure - Armour - Shield
  • Updated Watchlist and Drone HP bars to deplete from right to left

Additionally, the min increment for bounty placement on characters has increased to 1 million ISK.

Read them here.


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