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EVE Online: Onslaught to Go Live on November 13th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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On November 13th, EVE Online players will see the release of the Onslaught content expansion that will bring a slew of quality of life changes to the game as well as a pair of triglavian ships, "a host of navigation structures", new content and a fresh balance pass. Fans of the abyssal deadspace will be happy to hear that the first PvP encounters will be added along with the new co-op mode.

Other components of Onslaught include:

  • "deployment of the Ansiblex Jump Gate, Pharolux Cynosural Beacon and the Tenebrex Cynosural Jammer"
  • Kikimora class destroyer
  • Drekavak class battlecruiser
  • a new activity tracker to chart achievements and goals
  • updates stargate visuals
  • a global search function

You can read more on the EVE Online site.


Suzie Ford

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