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EVE Online October Update Brings New Implants & Invasion Content

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The date for EVE Online’s first content patch of October has been announced by CCP Games for release on October the 8th, alongside a set of patch notes. 

The first major change is the introduction of a new “Mimesis” implant set, which will increase the maximum potential DPS Triglavian ships can deal with their disintegrators, at the cost of an extended ramp up time to reach their new maximum. These implants will be available as a potential reward for completing Invasion content.

These Invasions also seem set to ramp up, as people following developments on the test server have been quick to note, with dataminers quickly noting the presence of a system altering “Stellar Accelerator” in the files uploaded last week. This is obliquely mentioned in the patch notes;

“The Triglavian Collective has been spotted deploying what appear to be system-altering structures across invaded locations.”

But as with previous updates to Invasion content, we are offered no more details. It will likely be up to the players to discover exactly what this entails, and just what challenges they’ll have to deal with to interact with the new content that will surround these mysterious structures. Accompanying this is a list of bug fixes and quality of life changes, primarily focusing around the new player experience.

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