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EVE Online Massacre of M2-XFE Breaks Records Over the Holiday

Some truly impressive stats

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Yet another EVE Online battle set more records over the holiday period which saw more destruction and players in system.

The battle called Massacre of M2-XFE was truly massive in scope and detail. During the battle, warring EVE coalitions Imperium and PAPI went head-to-head over control of a Keepstar space station in the M2-XFE system. After the dust settled, 251 Titan ships were destroyed and 23 trillion ISK was lost, breaking the previous records set during the Bloodbath of B-R5RB.

Additional details include the following pretty epic stats:

  • Maximum Players in the System: ~5,600
  • Total ISK Destroyed: 23.6 trillion (previous record of 11 trillion)
  • Real-World US Dollar Value: Over $340,000
  • Total Titan Ships Involved: 1,200
  • Total Titan Ships Destroyed: 251 (previous record of 75)

You can check out a 23 minute timelapse of the battle below. For some pretty spectacular screenshots of the battle, check out Andreas “Razorien” Jones’ Flickr album here

Header image via Razorien EVE


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