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EVE Online Makes Changes To Triglavian Vessels In New Dreaded Collective Update

Arriving August 25

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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August 25 marks the date for a host of changes to Triglavian vessels arriving in EVE Online’s Dreaded Collective update.

The update is set to tweak ammo damage upgrades to Zinitra, as a notable adjustment. In short, it’s set to make this vessel a much more viable competitor and fighter compared to other Dreadnoughts. Other adjustments will arrive to the Kikimora, Leshak, Vedmak and Draugur meant to provide more balance to Triglavian ships.

CCP notes that these changes will have an effect on fleet doctrines, in addition to affecting the meta. If you want to check out these changes now, you can sign into the Singularity Test Server. In recent news, this current ongoing player war is proving to be quite costly.

For example, Keepstars have been victims in this war. Given that Keepstars are these huge ultra massive structures, they are also pretty key strategically. They also carry a very real cost of over $1.7K in real-world dollars.

If you want a primer on this war, currently called World War Bee 2 by some players, be sure to check out this handy recap video on what is actually happening:


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